Departments: Electronics and Automation

Electrical Wiring
We offer a large spectrum of services for indoor and outdoor electrical installations. We execute electrical supply works such as...
We develop turnkey applications for civil and industrial automation (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic), we ensure service for these applications, as well...
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Electrical Panels
Electrical panels with design, assembly, testing, client delivery, installation, putting into function and repair services for distribution and automation panels,...
PLC-INVERTER Programming
Filip Company Group started its activity in Automation - PLC Programming in 2004 as service provider and application integrator in...
Video Surveillance Systems and Alarms
Filip Company Group makes use of the Internet in order to provide video surveillance for your clients and such, which...
Public Lighting
Filip Company Group offers solutions of repairing, upkeeping and public illumination system maintenance. Our purposes are reducing losses, creating a...

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