Service Details

Indoor-Outdoor furnishing for houses, commercial spaces or industrial buildings.

Filip Company Group was involved in different types of furnishing: for offices, commercial spaces, industrial buildings, house furnishings, flat furnishings and renovations. We have participated mostly in interior projects, or office buildings in order to create vibrant workspaces. We currently work for companies, government institutes or banks in order to ensure them and their personnel the best conditions at the highest standards.

We have executed a large collection of projects for homes (houses-apartments) starting with the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, halls, attics etc. Thus you cannot expect nothing but the best work at the most affordable price. We are in touch with our clients and partners in every type of renovation project, granting you access to teams made of the best people in the domain, in order to turn your boring space into a real beauty, your dream home.


Interior Furnishing

We offer a large variety of materials and interior designs to provide to you a new image for your home or company.

From design and construction materials all the way to execution and warranty, all services are warranted by Filip Company Group.


Exterior Furnishing

Exterior furnishing for houses or companies, offering a large variety of services personalised for the client’s wishes.

We ensure constructions and furnishings of any kind, creating a new image, a new exterior that will give you as much space and comfort as possible.

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