Professional Video Surveillance Systems

Every small and medium organization has a tutor. The person that treats his work more as a personal investment than as a job. In small businesses, it’s the owner. In a school, it’s the principal. In the processing industry, it’s the manager.

Filip Company Group makes use of the Internet in order to provide video surveillance for your clients and such, which is personalized for their specific needs. With these instruments, they can rest assured regarding their safety and they can focus on more important aspects of their business and life.


Our surveillance systems include:



Every company/organisation is unique, and so are their security needs. Thus, we have adapted each one of our projects to our client’s needs. Following an analysis and consultancy, we offer the client a completely unique project, made according to his needs.



Our team has been experienced in installing and optimising IP video surveillance systems for many years, from the beginning until the end. Because of this profound expertise, our clients know that our recommendations are the result of years of intense work.



We adjust our services and offers for each client, so that our long-distance installation abolish the cost of sending an employee to check the recordings. That means that you get the same system or a better one for far less money, disposing of real-time PC or phone control.

design video

Throughout each relation with our clients, we emphasise the partnership and the offered services, because we know that security-related decisions are an important business matter and they don’t dissapear after buying. We appreciate our advisory role with our clients and we ensure that these go from initial installation all the way to technical support. Filip Company Group supports tens of small and medium organizations from more than 5 countries. Also, our clients can rely on us for specialty and reliability expertise during the project. We hold certificates from many producers, including Axa, Sony and Milestone.

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