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Sawdust Drying Kilns

Our company is improving constantly at a fast rate, by doing our best to satisfy all our clients’ increasing needs, providing them new and second-hand sawdust drying kilns. These products sold by us are used in the biomass and coal processing industry. Our sawdust drying kilns are made of high-quality materials, bought from the most reliable providers. Our quality inspectors check every piece and component in order to deliver them to the client in the highest quality possible, increasing their kiln’s performance and lifespan. More than that, we offer our sawdust drying kilns at the best prices on the market.

Our kilns are made according to the quality certifications.

For every drying kiln made by us, we ensure delivery, assembly and maintenance.

In order to check our price offers and our availability to create a collaboration with you, please contact us via email or phone and a representative of ours will be right with you to answer all your questions.

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