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House Construction – From the foundation to the roof!

For every project, whether it’s about a house construction, house renovation, interior furnishing and house finishings, such as commercial building constructions and up keeping, FILIP COMPANY GROUP has always applied services such as high-quality house construction, without compromise. We are esteemed by our clients, architects, engineers and interior designers, we offer our services while constantly exceeding our clients’ expectations and we ship distinct projects on time and on budget. With an unmatched administration, organization skills and high precision, we are a construction company that takes the most complex projects without missing the smallest details.

In case you dream about your ideal home but you can’t find time to build it, call us! We will help you turn your dream home into reality. Filip Company Group is a house building firm that you can trust.

We are efficient constructors, putting safety and quality above anything else. As construction entrepreneurs, we have put our clients’ interest in front of us, ensuring that all their demands are shipped to their satisfaction. We are honest contractants that appreciate our integrity so much, we have the power to continue following our objectives.

FILIP COMPANY GROUP is a construction firm, specialized in house construction. We have started our business as residential builders through renovating and finishing houses, offering detailed perspectives to each home and the way they affect its value and look over time. We studied each material and its method of application, so that we could apply the most efficient and valorous engineering strategies for our projects regarding house constructions.


Constructii - Proiectare

Documentation and estimation – Based on the proposed budget, we will develop a house design idea, which will suit your needs. After approving the sketch or the conceptual house model, the designing follows, which will include the house’s electrical and sanitary installation structured and detailed architecture. The material and house cost detailed estimation list will be ready after finishing the sketchest and detailed models.

Consultanta bancara - Obtinere finantare

We will prepare all the necessary technical documents for the bank loans for constructing the house, commercial or industrial space.

Conectarea casei la retelele de apa, canal, gaze si electricitate

We will process your request to permanently and successfully connect you to the water, sewer, gas and electricity networks.

Autorizatie de constructie si de aplicare

Construction and application authorization – We will apply to obtain the house construction authorizations and we will get all the necessary engineering documents ready, including the respective professionists’ (authorities) seal. We guarantee our strict adherence to the national construction and safety Romanian code orientations.

Managementul si supravegherea constructiilor caselor

We will provide the entire workforce, materials, equipment, tools, transport, supervisors and other necessary elements for adequately constructing the house, including the taxes imposed by the government. A designing engineer will be allocated to control the construction site full-time. We will constantly collaborate with you regarding the house construction process and any problems that can show up during the project.


We will repair any damage, leak or any other problem that can show up because of bad materials or execution within 12 months from the project finish at our own cost.

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