Service Details

We offer design and consultancy services at the highest standards!

We offer you complex design and consultancy services for civil constructions, industrial constructions, office constructions, cultural constructions, commercial spaces etc., as well as following the execution through construction site assistance offered by the designer.

In the designing price, we also ensure the presence of all speciality representatives at the phases determined mandatory by law. Also, in case of unforeseen situations, we ensure the specialists’ transport to the construction site. However, outside these situations, the presence of the architect and engineer on the construction site is needed to ensure the well-being and fluidity of the execution.

We offer consultancy in finding an optimal solution for the architectural structure of the construction at hand – consultancy in determining the volumes, organizing the space orizontally and vertically, in resonance with the technological flux proposed by the client.
For easing the consultancy, we ensure the presentation of this form under the form of a 3D INTERACTIVE MODEL.
We guarantee determining a structure to support the building in the best conditions, according to the existing norms so that minimal resources are used.
We also guarantee elaborating the calculations, the technical project, the Construction Authorization Project, the execution details, the Task Notebook and the Work Quantity List.

In order for us to offer you our consultancy and support or to receive an evaluation from a named Filip Company Group representative, please access the Contact or the Get a Quote page.

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